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- Card Application 

Module functions to issue ATM cards instantly at bank branches.
-Credit card Payment Module functions to enable topping up of credit cards at head office.
- Huduma Card Issuance (Govt of Kenya)
This module falls under a Government based project  and is used to issue cards at various huduma centres in various parts of the Kenya. 



Orphans and Vulnerable Children System

National Safety Net System 

This solution made it possible for the Government of Kenya to offer food aid interms of e-value loaded on the card to enrolled beneficiaries. Biometrics verification ensured that the solution was secure and fraud proof





Your Preferred  Partner 

This is a  system for registration of customers. The system fully captures details and information of all clients . The system can be intergated to existing FIS databases



Customer Management System


This solution offered the ability to enroll beneficiaries and write their biometric (fingerprints and facial image) on to the EMV chip on the card while interfacing with the Government systems to update beneficiary details. ECS backend systems also provided integration to donors such USAID and DFID




Instant Issuing Solution